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If you take the time to piece together the puzzle, you begin to see a very disturbing picture. In seven short months, the Biden administration hasn’t only, via policy and executive decisions, precipitated a dire crisis on the U.S. southern border and an unforced debacle in Afghanistan — the latter with dark strategic implications vis-à-vis the PRC, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, along with an anticipated resurgence in terrorism but appears to seek to break the American spirit.

The picture emerging strongly suggests 宾语从句that demoralizing Americans isn’t merely a consequence of bad policies, poor decision-making, and incompetence.

We know this: control requires submission. Saul Alinsky summed up the argument for demoralization to achieve control: “Rule 3: Whenever possible, go outside the experience of an opponent. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.”

In a nation of 330 million souls, accustomed as a birthright to independence, submission must be exacted through the threat or use of force and through the enervation of spirit. A beaten-down people are an acquiescent people. Go ask Russians — those still living 定语从句who endured the Soviet era and who suffer under Putin’s authoritarianism.

The COVID pandemic provided the excuse for the abridgment of our constitutional rights. The threat of force has been a constant 条件从句should citizens, enterprises, and institutions fail to comply with lockdown and mask edicts. The talk of vaccination passports is increasing. Democrat governors, in the main, manipulated fear to induce compliance. Across the nation, lockdowns led to soaring drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide spikes, particularly among children and adolescents. Domestic violence increased.

The left-dominated Democratic Party is trying to destroy the compact between a free people and their government. Their “reset” is to replace constitutional government with one-party rule while pushing the charade of two-party competition. This isn’t supposition. Democrats are actively pursuing legislation to end free and fair elections.

Last year, Democrat-run cities were turned over to Antifa- and BLM-incited mobs. Stores were looted, violence went unchecked, and cities burned. Joe Biden and national Democrats sat by, mostly mute, though some Democrats condoned the mayhem.

Though the riots were testaments to the moral squalor and impotence of Democrat governors, mayors, and city councils, the explosions had a larger, unstated message to Americans: “Law and order are no longer guaranteed. Mobs rule. Government won’t protect you from the power of mobs.”

状语从句While the principal goal of dissolving America’s southern border is crass politics (Democrats want to grow their constituencies and voter base with illegals), an ancillary advantage is the message 定语从句that an evaporated border sends to us Americans: We’re no longer a people in charge of our destiny.

America is being reduced to an open-air market, with anyone from anywhere coming as pleases — of course, under the protective eye of the Democratic Party, 定语从句whose worldview dovetails with globalist goals.

The Washington Examiner reported on August 22 宾语从句that U.S. border agents’ morale is cratering. The U.S.-Mexican border was thrown wide-open in January thanks to Biden administration policy. Two million illegals are streaming into the U.S. this year alone. Agents aren’t just overwhelmed; they’ve been handcuffed by the nation’s chief executive.

From the Examiner article:

“Morale is in the toilet,” said Jon Anfinsen, a spokesman for the Border Patrol’s union. “Morale is low状语从句 because agents aren’t allowed to do their job — if our job is to be out patrolling the border in between the ports of entry and actively searching for people 定语从句who have crossed illegally, but we’re not allowed to go do that job, it basically creates this defeated feeling in everyone.”

But the border patrol isn’t alone in taking a hit to morale. The U.S. military — rank-and-file soldiers and field officers — are being subjected to heavy doses of “woke.”

This from Legal Insurrection, July 7:

The woke priorities are now trickling down to our troops, and reports are now surfacing about some humiliating drills and exercises 定语从句that boost neither morale nor preparedness among our service personnel.

To begin with, active duty members of the Navy in San Diego were recently forced to take part in a mandatory ‘diversity hike’ 定语从句during which they flew LGBT flags. Of course, American flags were nowhere to be seen.

Then there’s the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley. Milley went before the House Armed Services Committee in June. In his remarks, the general rationalized Critical Race Theory.

Milley’s openness to CRT, in fact, defends a Marxist construct 分词定语calculated to foster crippling divisions and has as its practical consequence ongoing conflict. No? Check out the disastrous effects定语从句 that similar doctrine had on Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and is having on South Africa. CRT seeks to separate Americans by skin color and denigrates whites as culprits in the left’s false claim of “systemic racism.”

Are we to believe 宾语从句that there’s no adverse impact on troop morale 状语从句when the joint chiefs chairman testifies favorably, if mealy-mouthed, for a doctrine 定语从句that will, if implemented, pit white against black, and blacks against every other race?

But Milley’s damage isn’t limited to injecting the poison of CRT into the military’s bloodstream — as horrific as that alone is.

Milley damn well knew宾语从句 that the situation on the ground in Afghanistan had been deteriorating for months — if he didn’t, he’s a gross incompetent — yet he openly and repeatedly lied to conform to the Biden administration’s false narrative.

In a withering estimate of Milley, Joy Pullmann wrote this at the Federalist on August 18:

What has Milley been doing 状语从句as these events culminated in a spectacular national failure? Defying elected civilian control of the U.S. military, participating in top generals’ decades of big lies to foment their greed at America’s expense, demoralizing troops by endorsing the same racial extremism 定语从句the Chinese Communist Party uses to destabilize the United States, and training military resources on American citizens over nonviolent political views. These are grounds for his resignation, firing, and prosecution. [italics added.]

The damage 定语从句this man is doing to the armed services and the esprit de corps of the men and women 定语从句who wear uniforms is profound.

And what of the Biden administration’s Afghanistan surrender? America’s warriors are ready, willing, and able to rescue Americans and Afghani allies 分词定语stranded behind Taliban perimeters and checkpoints. Yet, Joe Biden and his handlers refuse to permit our military to engage in operations to save these innocents from the Taliban’s clutches.

As to the continuing disaster and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, when has a U.S. president abandoned countrymen to fates 定语从句that will surely involve imprisonment, torture, and death at the hands of an enemy? Including Afghani loyalists, the scope of the depravity and carnage to come will be mind-numbing.

Biden has rendered our world-class military impotent in Afghanistan. This imposed feebleness is bad enough, but it sends another message to Americans: “The United States is no longer the world’s dominant power. We’re capitulating to an irregular army of mostly Pashtun tribesmen. We must accept their terms and abide by their directives. The vanquished must submit.”

Which brings us back to a people’s submission. That’s indeed a goal of the elites 定语从句who underwrite the Democratic Party, the left 定语从句that provides votes and muscle, and the establishment players who profit from it. It’s easier to conquer the downtrodden.

主语从句Whether or not this sinister Biden-fronted coalition succeeds is in our hands — the hands of tens of millions of patriotic Americans. Our spirits can only break if we allow it. Unbroken, we can — we must — defeat this gathering tyranny.

J. Robert Smith can be found on Parler @JRobertSmith and more so at Gab, again @JRobertSmith. He also blogs at Flyover.

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