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Is the Biden administration’s messy withdrawal from Afghanistan incompetence, or is it exactly as planned? Is there a hidden globalist plan 分词定语aimed at empowering Islamic governments in the Mideast? If yes, how would empowering the Taliban fit in the larger plan of globalists and believers in the New World Order?

Socialists and globalists, 定语从句whose home today is in the Democrat party, have been speaking about their lofty plans for decades, 分词状语constantly testing the waters of public opinion and speaking from both sides of their mouths. They insert insane ideas in the American psyche, then quickly deny 宾语从句they really said what they said. After speaking about her dream of an open border, Hillary Clinton denied her comments by saying she meant only to call for reforms but not open borders. But 状语从句if we dare take their comments seriously, we are branded conspiracy theorists.

After decades of listening to the far left, by now we, the people of America, should more or less know 宾语从句where the modern-day Democrat party intends to take America and how these people envision the world. Now it’s up to us to put two and two together and start uncovering what the deceptive left is really telling us. Those定语从句 who reject globalism and the New World Order should start analyzing and exposing globalist policies. We should stop accusing the left of being incompetent 状语从句because it is not.

All 定语从句we need to do is listen to globalists — their plans, lies, hidden agendas — and expose them 状语出价even when they give us double messages 分词定语aimed at throwing us off if we take their words seriously. We can’t be intimidated 状语从句when they accuse us of being conspiracy theorists. It’s time to put the socialist-globalist agenda into perspective and connect it with their policies and behavior, instead of just calling them incompetent or accuse them of not caring about the unintended consequences. This is 表语从句because the consequences are actually intended.

Western globalists aim at eliminating borders between nations, and they have no problem starting themselves, in America and Western Europe. Such an agenda, if fully understood, should explain 宾语从句why modern-day Democrats have no fear of China while fearing and hating their own patriotic citizens 定语从句who oppose globalism and love American sovereignty. It’s unimaginable主语从句 that Democrats defended China over their own President Trump, 分词状语calling him “racist” after he referred to COVID as the “China Virus.”

The four-year hysteria against Trump is not an unexplainable hate syndrome. Democrats’ actions are motivated by their goals.状语从句 If we understand their goals, then their actions should be clear. Trump was the first serious Republican president 定语从句who rejected globalism and believes in the nation-state — America First. That’s 表语从句why Democrats not only hated him but felt entitled to do anything and everything, legal or illegal, to stop him. Democrats were laser-focused on removing Trump from office, by waging an unprecedented daily media campaign against him, using our Intelligence Community to spy on him, impeaching him twice, and even fraudulently winning the 2020 elections.

With Trump, globalists and socialists now fear his 75 million supporters. They have become the new obstacle. That explains the intense hate campaign to tarnish them as racists, “white supremacists,” and dangerous insurrectionists against the state. Democrats and their media are not looking for the truth or to dialogue with the Trump side over the pros and cons of globalism. Democrats want to keep their goals covert 状语从句because if they’re open about their plan, the majority of Americans will reject it.

Trump and his supporters believe 宾语从句that the world is better run with independent nation-states, 定语从句where every head of state’s first job is achieving the best interest of his own nation. Globalists, on the other hand, believe 宾语从句that the world will run better, more efficiently, and more peacefully (or at least more to the advantage of their own power and wealth)状语从句 when there are fewer nation-states, perhaps dividing the world into four or five regions under One World Government. Democrats are not confident 补语从句they will win the argument 状语从句if they engage in honest debate and would rather do propaganda. (Incidentally and from personal experience, Islamists also refuse to engage in honest debate about their faith and what’s written in their books and would rather engage in propaganda and shaming the opposition.)

Western globalists decided to start applying the concept of globalism to their own nations first before demanding it from the rest of the world. That is a risky decision 定语从句they’ve decided is worth making.

Obama convinced globalists 宾语从句that the reason同位语从句 the Mideast is in constant turmoil and disunity is 表语出价that the West is supporting moderate puppet military governments, 定语从句which are usually less oppressive than Islamic full sharia states. Obama believed 宾语从句that nothing will peacefully unite the Middle East except an Islamic caliphate. Never mind that historically, the caliphate was never truly united or peaceful.

From his first day in office, Obama was more excited about the Muslim world than lifting up Blacks in America. He went to speak in Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood and succeeded in empowering them over the more moderate alternative. Obama believed 宾语从句he was going to go down in history as the hero of a newly created Islamic caliphate. He started to implement his vision in Egypt by giving the Muslim Brotherhood power, but that didn’t work as planned.

After Obama’s caliphate project failed in Egypt, he pivoted to Syria and used the name “ISIL” instead of “ISIS” because the L, meaning Levant, was going to include Israel in the caliphate. But that also didn’t work, and it was Trump who defeated ISIS, not Obama. Yes, Obama did kill bin Laden but never interpret that as Obama wanting to eliminate those 定语从句who wish for an Islamic state. Obama no longer had any use for bin Laden, 定语从句who was a dead man anyway.

分词状语Having failed in Egypt and Syria, Obama turned next to Iran. Democrats never treated Iran as the true enemy that it is, and their plan for an Islamic Middle East kept moving along.

But with the election of Trump in 2016, globalists’ hard work for many decades ended or had to be put on hold. globalists appeared unreliable in executing their global agenda.

Democrats, together with their propaganda arm the legacy media, went insane and eventually succeeded in taking out Trump after launching the darkest and most shameful four-year period in American political history. Nothing was off the table to take out Trump, 状语从句even if Democrats were caught red-handed pushing bags of fake ballots under tables.

Democrats found the perfect puppet to happily sit in the Oval Office and lie and deceive with total ease. In the first two weeks of Biden’s presidency, he signed 28 executive orders to reassure international globalists and erase anything 定语从句Trump had done. The goal was to bring back trust and confidence in the promises定语从句 American globalists have given international fellow globalists, especially China. The message was “we’re back in charge,” and “never mind the four-year Trump glitch; we’ll erase it from history by impeaching him twice.” Now they must rush to eliminate America’s borders to pave the way for accomplishing the implementation of “Region 1.”

Western globalists are leading the way to eliminating Western nation borders without blinking and with no fear or distrust of China, the Middle East, or other untrustworthy regions in the world — no guarantees 同位语从句that other nations might not honor their promise to eliminate borders as well. The One World Government project could end up blowing up in the face of Western globalists, similar to how Afghanistan blew up at the end. This is totally blind and naïve trust by Western globalists, all for the sake of achieving a fantasy of a world 分词定语united in peace and harmony under one government.

How could any sane person be sure补语从句 that if America’s sovereignty is weakened, globalist China will not double-cross the Americans? Democrats seem to have smarts, plotting, hatred, and distrust only towards their own countrymen, Republicans, and patriots, but never against China, Iran, or any other tyrannical regime around the world.

动名词Facilitating Middle East unity under one Islamic authority seems to be the only explanation for the abandonment of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban while leaving behind a huge American arsenal.

When Trump tried to withdraw from Afghanistan, the media, Democrats, and the Pentagon were all against him, but now they’re all silent or supportive of Biden’s shameful withdrawal. Why is that? Because if Trump was going to withdraw, the Taliban could have ended up weakened. Globalist Democrats wanted to hand over Afghanistan to an empowered Taliban. The Taliban, armed with American weapons, brag to the Mideast宾语从句 that “Islam is the solution” after all.

Today, a huge continuous section of the Middle East is in the hands of radical Islamists — from Pakistan (with nukes) to Afghanistan, then Iran all the way to Turkey. Globalist’s “Region 2” is coming along well.

Which region will fall to the globalist plan next? Will it be Taiwan, given to China? After giving Russia the pipeline, what’s next? Ukraine?

The actions of socialist-globalist Democrats speak for themselves, and no, they are not incompetent; rather, they are deceptive. They’re hell-bent on executing their globalist dreams without debate, elections, or transparency. They are reckless with the future of America and determined to move with a historically proven failed plan with no guarantees from tyrannical nations 定语从句who are happy to be given a weakened America without borders.

Globalism is not a new idea. Empires rose, expanded, and fell in pursuit of ruling the world around them. Every tyrant in history wanted to rule the world. Globalists don’t see the similarities and examples in history; nations and empires do expand, but they also often disintegrate and dissolve.

The Islamic unified caliphate is a fantasy定语从句 that never was and never will be. Worldwide communism always ended up in disaster, disintegration, misery, despair, and poverty. But Western globalists really believe 宾语从句they will get it right this time!

Nonie Darwish is the author of Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values over Islamic Values.

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