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We tried before the election, to get you to see Biden for what he is. Evil, arrogant, self-centered, and bereft of any qualities of statesmanship or even good judgment. You didn’t listen. You believed the media stories — 同位语从句that the laptop was fake; that he was in his bunker, rather than campaigning, because of the evil virus; and that he wanted to heal the country and knew how to do it.

Guess you’ve graphically gotten your comeuppance now. Argue all you want that Trump wanted out of Afghanistan. That is true, but would he have left like this? Nope! He would have left from a position of strength that he could amply back up with action at the first hint of trouble. He would have gotten our equipment, our manpower, and our allies and interpreters to safety 状语从句if there was a need to. He would have had a plan, and the plan would have worked. He would not have sacrificed so much for so infinitesimal a reward.

Now we have chaos, an unimaginable number of people about to be slain, women and children throughout the country enslaved, and violent hate against our country germinating into future acts of terror. We have enacted an endgame 定语从句that clearly leaves the sacrifice of so many of our soldiers, the maiming of so many more, in vain.

状语从句While Biden hides and Gen. Milley obsesses over CRT in the military, a country that we worked to help for 20 years, 分词状语spending $90 billion or more on, goes up in a puff of desert dust, its president 分词状语fleeing with a helicopter-load of cash. 状语从句As the Taliban swarm the cities, people are trying so desperately to leave状语从句 that they are climbing the outside of airplanes, only to fall to their deaths.

We have no leadership at our own helm, so our ship of state is tossed by ever-growing, storm-driven waves. That seems to me to be an apt metaphor for 宾语从句what is happening in our country.

It’s not just Afghanistan. It’s also COVID, 定语从句which anyone with half a brain can see is spinning out of control, with all the government entities involved trying desperately to support a lie, 定语从句which is that we have vaccinated it to obliterate it. No, we haven’t.

We’ve vaccinated it into finding another way to survive, as viruses do. We’ve vaccinated people with a dangerous substance, and strong-armed everyone into buying into the narrative 状语从句whether it makes sense or doesn’t. And it doesn’t. The result — more misery and death because of these very vaccines — is coming. It may take another year 状语从句before what’s happening can no longer be denied.

I pray my fears are unjustified, but more and more, 主语从句what I read and watch seems to back up every dire prediction the MSM and techies have censored. So, just like the president’s statement 同位语从句that we wouldn’t see people trying to escape the embassy by helicopter from the roof, we will get the visceral confirmation of the vaccination lie, 状语从句when more and more people’s immune systems are irrevocably compromised by these vaccines.

There is nobody at the helm, and the roughening seas are growing angry. What’s next? Will China now be emboldened to take Taiwan? Do we even have a plan状语从句 if they try? What did we do when they took Hong Kong? Oh…nothing! What’s going on in Iran? How’re those nukes coming?

How about our schools? We slap mask mandates upon our children, despite no evidence 同位语从句that they need a mask and ample evidence that masks harm children. We embed CRT, 分词状语teaching hate.

Then there’s the border. 主语从句All you need to do is不定式表语 imagine宾语从句 if the border were the edge of your own property, and your local government declared there were no property rights, so come on in! Camp out on the lawn. Defecate on the sidewalk! Mi casa es su casa, 状语从句even if I have no idea who you are, where you came from, or what diseases you’re bringing to my front porch. Trash it at will!

状语从句While you’re at it, take the house, too. After all, you are more important than we are. We 定语从句who worked for what we own need to just give it up 状语从句so every other person lucky enough to have arrived on the property can have as much.

It’s time, kids and idiots out there, to wake the bleep up. Pay attention! Your own kids’ future may just depend on you exercising your brain to look at more than the next cute animal video, Insta-picture, or Facebook post.

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