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I was tickled 状语从句when Mitch McConnell’s campaign turned the derogatory “Cocaine Mitch” slander into a successful fund-raising effort t-shirt for the “Team Mitch Cartel Member.” Likewise, McConnell agreed 宾语从句that he was the Grim Reaper 状语从句when it came to socialist schemes 分词补语trying to make their way through the Senate. But lately, he’s been less than clever, 分词状语leaving the conservative high road for middle-of-the-road politics.

The results of this latest election truly shocked and surprised all of us, though in hindsight what other recourse did Democrats have? They lied to the American people, Congress, the FBI, the intelligence agencies, the FISA court, Mueller’s task force, and most likely themselves分词状语 trying to convince themselves宾语从句 that they’d never be found out. They made fools of themselves and had only electoral deceit and fraud to fall back on to get the win in 2020. Not just at the top of the ticket, either; this corruption goes right to the bone.

Now is the time for McConnell to work his magic throughout the Republican party, at federal and state levels. His cartel has his back and is counting on him to ensure 宾语从句that the 2022 elections are truly legitimate and fair. He simply can’t do that 分词状语while sauntering the halls of Congress arm-in-arm with the beneficiaries of electoral theft.

Now is not the time for the former Majority Leader to walk away from his posse, nor to turn his reaper’s scythe on us. Since his recent statements about Trump, 定语从句which upset many of us, he’s surely had time to review the records and come to the only honorable and defensible conclusion.

President Trump called for us to stand with him against the steal. He did not call for violence or insurrection. He asked us to make our displeasure 宾补known. A mass of patriotic humanity did so simply by gathering. While we were gathered and Trump was still speaking, the troublemakers, obviously 分词状语running the gamut of America’s political spectrum, took it upon themselves to engage in unacceptable violence against a federal building and the Capitol Police force.

Yes, Mitch lost the prime Senate position, for now. But 状语从句if he’ll chill out, we’ll do our best to deliver it for him again in 2022. Conservatives and liberals alike are already lining up against Joe Biden. We don’t like it 宾语从句指前面it that his abuse of the Executive Order process is neutering our elected Congress.

No self-respecting conservative should join hands with the likes of the schoolyard bully Senator Schumer to “share power.” None should forget his behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings; his accusations against Congressman Nunes during the Mueller debacle; and his lies about President Trump and Congressman McCarthy to AIPAC. 动名词Sharing a ride with a scorpion is never a safe bet.

Remember 宾语从句who signed the check, 定语从句that paid for the dossier, that beguiled the courts, that issued the warrants, that took down the people, that paid the price, that failed, in the end, to burn down the house 定语从句that Trump built. In addition to Hillary’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee signed the check.

Schumer is one of the most senior Democrats in the country and would surely have been in on the decision to move forward in that way. One cannot “share” power with the power-hungry. Every good soul and true knows宾语从句 that only one hand can wear and wield the ring of power. 状语从句Given the current state of affairs that hand will not be Senator McConnell’s, 状语从句no matter what assurances he receives, as long as the Senate is evenly divided and the Dems occupy the White House.

Please, Senator McConnell, do not entrust our future to the Democrats, particularly those 定语从句who stood by silently 状语从句as others among them, most notably Congressman Schiff, lied to the American people day in and day out for years saying “I have the evidence.” The only evidence 定语从句Schiff had was 名词从句what eventually came out – all the collusion and corruption was on the part of the Democrats in an unsuccessful bid to remove a duly elected President from office. Can anyone believe 宾语从句that any of them were unaware of this?

Senator Schumer and all his partisan colleagues can be counted on to be steadfast in their support for their party’s platform – a platform with clearly stated goals 定语从句that can only be attained by abolishing the Senate filibuster. That would likely ensure one-party rule, rather than governance, of our fair country, and its ultimate ruination.

The Democrat’s platform goals include statehood for Washington, D.C. I suggest, instead, 宾语从句that we complete the retrocession and return the rest of the city to Maryland. That gives the residents of the city a governor, a state legislature, Senators, and Representatives, and would not upset the current racial and political balance.

Democrats are now calling for statehood for Puerto Rico, though the platform limits itself to bailing out the island after the devastating hurricanes. They make no mention, however, of the gross corruption, fraud, and diversion of assistance 定语从句the taxpayers already provided. How about a side of justice with those duplicative funds?

Democrats intend to expand US-funded abortion services to the entire world and to mandate them throughout our own country, regardless of our constitutionally acknowledged and guaranteed freedoms. They plan to restructure the federal court system from the Supremes on down. They want to turn the Postal Service into a service-fee free federal bank and create another federally managed infrastructure bank.

Democrats are pledged to abolish private charter schools and provide free college education, including for illegal immigrants. The first would devastate quality education in many inner cities, and the second would bankrupt America, and further indoctrinate its young people.

Team Mitch’s cartel delighted in McConnell’s delicious ripostes and supported him in his leadership of the Senate and in his campaign for his current term. We have admired and respected him. We hope he does us the courtesy of not abandoning us to retain some fraction of leadership power for a short time. For as much we like Mitch, we love Trump. Mitch, don’t take your love to town.

Anony Mee is a retired public servant.

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