For NBC News, War Is Peace, and Trump’s Historic Peace Deals Are War Shared via Right News

Other presidents throughout American history have endured harsh criticism from the press. None of them, however, have faced anything like the relentless, organized hit job that is the establishment media’s coverage of President Trump定语从句, 分词定语featuring not just criticism, but distortion, half-truths and outright lies, all 分词定语designed to make the American people not just vote against him, but disrespect, despise, and even hate him. In pursuit of this goal, consistency goes out the window, and fairness is but a dim memory. Trump is excoriated for anything and everything he does, even when any remotely fair-minded person would see it as positive时间状语. NBC News showed this anew on Tuesday in a “Hot Take” 定语从句it published about the Israel-Morocco peace agreement.

NBC’s “military writer” Sébastien Roblin tells us solemnly that “the U.S. ruptured decades of foreign policy in North Africa to forge the agreement, setting the stage for violence that could destabilize the region分词状语.

状语从句Given conditions all across North Africa, with Libya still in the state of chaos and ruin that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton brought upon it, Egypt oppressing its Christians (as always), and Algeria and Morocco both upholding Sharia blasphemy laws that outrage the freedom of conscience定语从句, 形式主语it seems strange 主语to lament the passing of the status quo ante, but Roblin makes his agenda clear 状语从句when he writes 宾语从句that “as is so often the case with Trump, his characterization bears little relationship with reality.”

This and more in his article makes 形式宾语it obvious 宾语that the “military writer” is not engaged in actual foreign policy analysis, but is just out to tar Trump in any way he can. For it is absolutely true 主语从句that the Israel-Morocco peace agreement and U.S. recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara may indeed turn out to have ill effects, but NBC News readers, not known for being the sharpest knives in the drawer分词, may not realize that such speculation can be carried out in virtually any context, but during the Obama years, seldom (if ever) was.

For example, 状语从句if Sébastien Roblin had been so inclined, he could have written about how the “Arab Spring” uprisings 定语从句that the Obama administration supported so enthusiastically were really just Muslim Brotherhood initiatives 定语从句designed to impose Sharia in various North African states, but back 状语从句when that “Spring” was in full flower, NBC News and all its establishment colleagues were busy popping open the champagne and hailing the far-sightedness of their Nobel laureate president.

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