Amistad律师:FBI收集有关投票欺诈的数据Amistad Lawyer: FBI Collecting Data on Vote Fraud

Amistad Lawyer: FBI Collecting Data on Vote Fraud

The FBI is using voter fraud information 分词collected by the Amistad Project, the project’s director, Phillip Kline, said Monday on Newsmax TV.

Amistad项目主管菲利普·克莱恩(Phillip Kline)周一在Newsmax TV上说,联邦调查局正在使用Amistad项目收集的选民欺诈信息。

Kline, who is the former attorney general of Kansas, tweeted the news on Sunday.


Appearing on “Stinchfield,” Kline said the group’s investigations show “what we call the blood in the street宾语从句. It’s after the crime is committed. And what evidence is there to show that a crime has been committed.”宾语从句


The FBI is looking at evidence uncovered by Amistad investigators who have crunched data from the government and reached out to actual voters to see if how they voted actually matches the government’s data.定语从句


“And we’ve come up with tens of thousands of Republican ballots that were not counted,” Kline told host Grant Stinchfield. “We’ve come up with hundreds of thousands of Republicans who say they never requested a ballot, but they voted absentee by somebody else.定语从句 We’ve identified people outside of the state who voted within the state定语从句. And all of this occurred in the key swing states that we’re speaking about.”

Kline告诉节目主持斯坦奇菲尔德,”我们得出结论,成千上万的共和党人选票没被计算“,数十万共和党人没有要求邮寄选票,但他们被别人代投了。我们已经确定了在州外人在州内投票。 而所有这些都发生在我们正在谈论的关键摇州。”

Kline said all of the areas 分词investigated “had hundreds of millions of dollars poured into their election offices by Mark Zuckerberg.”

克莱恩说,所有调查的地区“都由马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)投入了数亿美元到他们的选举办公室中”。

The Facebook CEO, Kline said, poured in $400 million into the election, 分词matching the federal government expenditures, through his charities.


“They paid the election judges, they paid the people who boarded up the windows定语从句, they bought the machines and America was kicked out of the counting room, and a billionaire invited in, in all of the swing state urban core cities, and that is a violation the law.”


Amistad’s data show 宾语从句that all of these changes benefited Democratic strongholds as they were suppressing the vote in Republican strongholds, Kline said, “and then we had them sidestepping the law and accepting ballots they should not have accepted.定语从句”


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